Wind Shift Technology


The latest technical breakthrough…

InteliRain is proud to announce, Wind Shift Technology - a novel patent pending platform which can not only simulate and visualize the overall irrigation process for complex turf shapes, but also provides a solution to counteract the negative effects of wind on spray patterns.

The platform can be used to facilitate the sprinkler system design, test system performance under various wind conditions, and generate the wind effect shifting database. Starting with a mathematical modelling of water droplet dynamics, the droplet movement from nozzle is simulated.

Given the irrigation area, droplet distribution and local wind conditions provided by an onsite weather station, the Wind Shift Technology is capable of achieving the desired irrigation coverage and uniform precipitation distribution by counteracting the wind effect. 

The Wind Shift Technology utilizes real-time wind data to constantly update the computed solution, every three seconds, to correct for wind gusts and shifting wind directions.

InteliRain's Wind Shift Technology allows you to water only the desired area, eliminating wind drift and further increasing water savings and turf health.

Windshift Technology.png

On Site Weather Station

updates every 3 seconds


InteliRain GC 90 InteliHead operating with Wind Shift Technology under sustained 10 mph winds gusting to 15 mph.