Tried & Tested


Innovation through rigorous testing

InteliRain has developed a revolutionary irrigation system consisting of computer hardware, software, sprinkler head, canister, variable orifice nozzles, flow control and weather station. These innovations come together to create our state of the art digital irrigation system. 

It is the first turf irrigation system to combine the latest advancements in science with cutting edge technology to create a fully robotic sprinkler system.

Our innovation is a smart technology that cannot be found in the market today, providing substantial water saving, simplified installation, unparalleled operational flexibility, reduced system maintenance and increased turf health.

Ease of service

"Quick change" technology allows the unit to be serviced in under 5 minutes.

"Tamper proof" screws allows easy access while the sleeve remains permanently in the ground eliminating any digging.


Durability and performance proven through extreme enclosed testing.

Distribution Uniformity Testing