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In 2016, as part of their Cityscape Phase 7 school site in North East Calgary, InteliRain was selected by one of Canada’s largest land developers/home builders to install our sports field irrigation system to one of the very few dedicated pitches to the sport of cricket in Western Canada.

Totalling 165,000 square feet in area as well as surrounding lands, a total of 16 heads were installed to provide 100% coverage to this large sporting field. And after a year’s usage and a typical sub-zero Calgary winter, the system is operating perfectly.


Canadian forces base - edmonton

InteliRain is delighted to have been of service to Canada’s Armed Forces in 2017.

A major sport and recreation project for the base’s soldiers, airmen and families have seen the construction of two full-sized baseball fields.

InteliRain was chosen to provide its irrigation system to this project, covering about 300,000 square feet. With its on-site weather station providing wind information instantaneously to the InteliRain computer hub, the system is covering all areas of fields with water via a total of 19 heads, in a part of the country which can often times experience minimal rainfall during the summer season.


Located at Bow Valley High School in Cochrane, Alberta, just northwest of the City of Calgary, the InteliRainsystem was chosen to irrigate large areas of a grassy recreational field surrounding the school’s artificial turf sports facility.

Sixteen heads were installed surrounding the field in 2015, designed to irrigate about 100,000 square feet. 

The system has been working perfectly in keeping these surrounding areas perfectly irrigated and subsequent installs in other locations are now being considered.

InteliRain is very fortunate to partner with the Mountain Vista Golf Course in Palm Desert, California to have had a designated, year-round test site to complete development of its Wind Shift Technology.

The Palm Desert area provides an ideal location for testing as it experiences varying wind conditions throughout the year.

Now that testing and development has been completed we look forward to working with their very experienced staff to further enhance the technology.