Project India

India is severely affected by the decade long drought. Many crops and farming outputs have dwindled rapidly. It has forced thousands of farmers to commit suicide every year. To tackle this issue, InteliRain in collaboration with the University of Alberta have designed a modern irrigation cart with an InteliRain high efficiency sprinkler system. This project has the potential to reduce water usage for farmers in India by up to 50%. In India, there is a severe need to bring significant transformation to farming techniques especially in water saving techniques. Indian farming is experiencing very adverse conditions due to global warming and will need to adapt to the rapid transformations through the successful implementation of the proposed project to adapt to these environmental changes. The University of Alberta, MIT Academy of Engineering and InteliRain are working together to create a solution to tackle the severe needs of farmers.

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Important Partnerships

InteliRain has partnered with Dr. Waghmare at the University of Alberta, UofA, and Dr. Yogesh J. Bhalerao of MIT Academy of Engineering, AOE, to connect farmers in India with the University of Alberta. Since there is strong infrastructure, highly skilled, enthusiastic faculties and researchers at MIT AOE we are very fortunate to have this partnership. MIT AOE has been a major research project partner that maintains the research site, supplies research scholars and establishes the connection between farmers in India and UofA. Furthermore, being close to the major industrial area in Pune city, MIT AOE has an extensive network with local manufacturing industries and various suppliers.

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You can help make a difference

InteliRain is hoping to send 4 irrigation systems to 4 farms in India, have an engineer in the area to over see the year long program, as well as have Dr. Waghmare travel to India to over see the introduction of the product. 

We have created a GoFundMe page for you to help us get these sprinkler carts to farmers in India. If you would like to donate to this cause and help the the farmers in need please click the button below!