Smart Irrigation

InteliRain has developed a revolutionary irrigation system consisting of computer hardware, software, sprinkler head, canister, variable orifice nozzles, flow control and weather station. These innovations come together to create our state of the art digital irrigation system.

It is the first turf irrigation system to combine the latest advancements in science with cutting edge technology to create a fully robotic sprinkler head.

Our innovation is a smart technology that cannot be found in the market today, providing substantial water savings, simplified installation, unparalleled operational flexibility, reduced system maintenance and increases turf health.

The company has designed and filed patents on a robotic sprinkler head, flow control valve, computer hardware, software and operating algorithms.


InteliRain has focused on three specific areas of innovation:

1: The InteliHead: a fully robotic sprinkler head providing maximum efficiency and control

2: Software and algorithm development to optimize performance in changing wind conditions and watering requirements to substantially reduce water usage while increasing turf health

3: Nozzle design for superior water droplet distribution uniformity combined with increased throw distance. 


Through intelligent controls and design the sprinklers have been proven to reduce water use by 30% (Olds College Independent Indoor Report).

Each InteliHead can throw a curtain of water up to 150 feet, providing a uniform distribution of water while eliminating overlap or over spray. All of these components make InteliRain's high efficiency system.