Here, at InteliRain, we've been working hard to build a greener future with a focus on environmental stewardship.


The Intelihead

The InteliHead™ combines a Uniform Distribution Optimization Control (UDOC™) electronic drive system with an InteliVariable Orifice System (IVOS™) nozzle to provide a tailored solution to all irrigation needs.

The InteliHead transforms the conventional sprinkler head into an intelligent and fully customizable irrigation system. An optional rubber turf cup is available for situations where 100% grass surface is desired. 

Aircraft grade billet aluminum construction offers a unit built to survive any environment. "Quick change" technology and a three (3) year replacement warranty allows for easy head replacement and 'no hassle' maintenance.




The InteliValve™ utilizes smart valve technology to deliver a fully customizable pattern by controlling the flow of water at every degree around the 360 rotating InteliHead.

This technology allows the InteliRain system to deliver water in any desired pattern through the flow control of the InteliValve.



Intelligent Fluid Dynamics

The InteliRain design team has created an industry first by removing the sprinkler drive train from the water pathway. This design allows for greatly superior fluid dynamics and laminar water flow through the sprinkler body to the nozzle.  The absence of turbulence within the sprinkler allows our design team to finely tune our nozzles to provide greater throws and exceptional distribution uniformity throughout the spray pattern,  greater throws, while eliminating dry spots.


Also by removing the sprinklers drive train from the water pathway InteliRain is ideally suited for non-potable water as it is unaffected by the contaminants that destroy other sprinklers. With InteliRain your sprinkler maintenance is greatly reduced through superior design.


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InteliControl is the nerve centre for InteliRain. The UDOC operating system within InteliControl provides the conduit between the InteliValve and the InteliHead to control the flow of water with a high degree of precision. The ability to program the desired watering map and schedule into InteliControl is the fundamental advantage of the system. 

InteliControl provides complete system control including water scheduling, algorithm optimization, data processing and control of robotic components - all on a dedicated, supplied tablet.

The system allows the technology to be smart, efficient and make dynamic decisions. 



Flow Control

The InteliValve is a fully robotic water valve that provides precise control of water flow to the InteliHead sprinkler head. This allows the system to choose a spray distance for every degree of rotation on the sprinkler head. 

Our technology enables the InteliRain system to efficiently irrigate along sidewalks and houses, and adapt to changing weather conditions and provide user flexibility to water only where it is needed.

Given the ability to map the desired watered area, InteliRain negates any chance of over watering caused by conventional overlap or watering outside of the intended boundaries.

Early testing has shown an increase in distribution uniformity of 30% while still achieving full coverage with just a single head.



Turf Cup

Integrated drip irrigation into the rubber cup provides irrigation to the turf each time the sprinkler runs.

When head is operational, the turf cup rises on top of the sprinkler allowing normal watering. The cup is made of a soft rubber compound that will flex easily if contacted.

When head is down, the turf cup is virtually invisible and will not affect play.



Smart Controls

Our innovation is a smart technology that cannot be found in the market today, providing substantial water savings, simplified installation, unparalleled operational flexibility, reduced system maintenance and increased turf health. 

We provide a complete system control including water scheduling, algorithm optimization, data processing and control of robotic components - all on a dedicated, supplied tablet.